Designing a Mobile App Experience to Unite College Students

NYCCTorgs is a mobile app concept completed as a design challenge.


A new school year is approaching and the orientation team is looking to you for some design expertise. Design an experience for new students to browse, search, and propose new student organizations. Provide your overall process, a wireframe flow, and one to two screens at higher fidelity.
1 Week
My Role
UX/UI Designer
Discover & Research
User testing
High-fidelity designs
Design iterations
InVision prototype
Presentation deck
Tools Used
Pen and Highlighter
Google Slides
Material Design Icons
Design Sprint Process

Discovery & Research

To set the stage, I dived right into discovery and research towards the following questions:
  • Who is considered a new student?
  • What are the existing platforms available at my school (New York City College of Technology) to browse, search and propose a new organization?
  • How do current students find their information? How do they reach out?
  • What’s working/not working in the current browsing, searching and proposing process?

Understanding Needs & Pain Points

Once I got a better understanding of our current platforms and existing process, I connected with students to learn more about their experience with organizations and how they currently find information. This was during winter break so I was able to go into school to find students to talk to in person since I wasn't receiving any replies through our OpenLab site.

"It would be great to know who to talk to, [which organizations] to go to, or even when things are going to happen."

Plan of Action

Based on the students' feedback, new students can range from the following:
  • Incoming First-Year (straight from high school)
  • Transfers (from other campuses via e-permit or CUNY BA program)
  • Re-admits (coming back from school after a break due to family, life, career, or medical reasons)
  • Current students that want to become more involved in school outside of their majors and within their own interests
With that in mind, the students sorted the feedback into 5 categories (shown below) and I decided on 3 categories to solve and serve as the core focus of the product:
  • Ease of Access - Help students with access the organizations more easily
  • Communication - Increase transparency and communication
  • Inaccurate Information, Uncentralized - Serve as a primary medium to find current and active organizations

So how might the experience work for Bryan, a transfer student?

Bryan Matthews is a transfer student from City College. He was a part of the Mechatronics Club and would like to see what other clubs are available at City Tech that is related to his major and interests.

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Wants / Needs:

  • Find clubs related to Engineering, Sports, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
  • Discover events to attend to that matches with his schedule
  • Find a supportive community and build his network

Information Architecture + Flow

With Bryan in mind, I created the following breakdown and flow of the features that were needed in the experience and chose the club/organization profile page to start wireframes with.



Using the wireframes, I asked 5 participants to use the experience as Bryan and fill the following 4 tasks:
  • Log in using CUNY ID#
  • Fill out interest questionnaire
  • Request to join the Mechantronics Club
  • Open the Propose New Club feature in Bryan's profile page


  • "Using CUNY ID# is a nice touch. Makes app feel inclusive for non-City Tech exclusive students that are on campus."
  • 5 out of 5 (100%) were able to complete the 4 tasks
  • 5 out of 5 (100%) said seeing who is on the leadership team is nice
  • 3 out of 5 (60%) wanted to delete their availability but couldn't
  • 3 out of 5 (60%) said suggested to enlarge the "Proposing a New Club" link


Final Designs

Data Platform Redesign